Call for abstracts: animals in ancient and medieval philosophy

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Here's a chance to come speak in Munich, connected to a project I have been running here for a few years!


Call for Abstracts: Animals in Greek, Arabic, and Latin Philosophy

Under the aegis of the ERC funded project “Animals in Philosophy of the Islamic World,” a conference will be held on May 18-20, 2023 at the LMU Munich, on the topic of Animals in Greek, Arabic, and Latin Philosophy. Featured speakers who have already agreed to come include Sophia Connell, Silvia Donati, Racha El Omari, Remke Kruk, and Cecilia Muratori.

We welcome proposals for papers on any topic relevant to animals and philosophy in ancient Greek and Roman and medieval (Byzantine, Islamic, or Latin Christian) philosophy. Relevant topics could include, but are not limited to, Aristotelian zoology and its reception, theories of animal soul and cognition, views on how animals should be treated, and ideas about animals in medicine and other sciences.

Hotel costs, and travel costs up to 300 EUR, will be covered for all speakers.

We particularly encourage proposals from junior academics.

A collected volume, to be edited by Peter Adamson and published in the de Gruyter series Philosophy in the Islamic World in Context, is planned on the topic of philosophy of animals in the Islamic world. Contributing a written piece to the volume is optional, however, and not a requirement for speaking at the event.

Those interested in speaking at the event should send a title and an abstract, between 150-300 words, to Peter Adamson: Please feel free to contact Prof Adamson with any questions you may have about the event. The deadline to submit abstracts is October 31, 2022.

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