54 - Instant Gratification: the Cyrenaics

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Peter considers Aristippus and the Cyrenaics, a group of hedonistic philosophers who were in touch with their feelings… but nothing else.



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Eduardo on 14 June 2014

What an amazing introduction

What an amazing introduction to this school of thought.
I had no idea such philosophers existed, and all their relations to the epicureans and cynics. Thank you very much for these podcast, I hope it continues on, all the way to contemporary philosophy.

Abdul Medi on 27 February 2020


Oh of all the philosophers the Muslim Arabs discovered and preserved, why couldn't it have been Aristrippus? Imagine that. 

Christy B. on 1 March 2021


Thanks for introducing me to this school. It's led me down an exciting rabbit hole.

In reply to by Christy B.

Peter Adamson on 1 March 2021


Appropriate that you got so much pleasure out of it! Thanks for letting me know.

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