341. True Romance: Theories of Love

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Ficino describes a “Platonic” love purified of sexuality, prompting a debate carried on by Pico della Mirandola, Pietro Bembo, and Tullia d’Aragona.



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Andrew Maclaren on 20 June 2022

Thought I was in for a very long episode

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Peter Adamson on 22 June 2022

Long episode

Oh I see what you mean - I don't know why there is all that silence at the end. I'll see if I can fix this.

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Andrew Maclaren on 22 June 2022

It actually isn't even…

It actually isn't even silence. The player doesn't play it. The moment it gets to that point it the bar grays out and the pause button becomes the restart button.

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Peter Adamson on 23 June 2022

Not even silence

Maybe we should even just leave it like that as an applied experiment in negative theology?

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Andrew Maclaren on 22 June 2022


For some reason I only see it on my laptop. On my phone it shows the correct time. This may be a problem on my end, or not. I don't really know.

Zsolt on 22 June 2022


It seems like a gap has found it's way into this history of philosophy :)

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Peter Adamson on 23 June 2022


Boom tish! Can't believe I didn't think of that one.

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