102. From Cuba with Love: Juan Rene Betancourt

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The Cuban activist and author Juan Rene Betancourt urges racial solidarity and reckons with the revolution under Castro and the island’s turn towards Communism.



Further Reading

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Adam on 14 July 2022

Robert F Williams

Great episode!  Speaking of Africana Philosophy and Cuba, do you intend to cover Robert F Williams?  I know he's not Cuban, but I was just reminded of him because of how he took asylum there and ran "Radio Free Dixie" out of the country.

In reply to by Adam

Peter Adamson on 14 July 2022

Robert Williams

That's funny, a week ago I wouldn't have known who you are talking about but I have been reading up on the Black Panthers for an episode on them and learned of Williams as a figure who helped inspire the Panthers. I think he will probably just get a mention in passing in that episode, as part of the background.

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