240. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Albert the Great’s Natural Philosophy

Posted on 8 November 2015

Albert the Great earns his nickname “universal doctor” by devoting himself to the whole of nature, from geology and botany to the study of human nature.

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mehmet 14 November 2015

I know that I shouldnt be complaining about something that is both of extremely high quality and totally free, but....

two-week intervals between the episodes of western philosophy is too long. same can be said about the episodes of indian philosophy. is it possible to publish them at smaller intervals?

I would love to do that, but putting out an episode once a week is already quite a struggle - doing all the research, writing, recording etc is quite time consuming. To be honest I suspect that the majority of listeners are not "caught up" as you apparently are, so they are working through the old episodes anyway rather than waiting for each new one to appear.

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