291. Alle Maner of Thyng Shall be Welle: English Mysticism

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Julian of Norwich’s Shewings and the Cloud of Unknowing lay out challenging paths to knowledge of, and union with, God.



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Moha on 20 December 2017

Renaissance Philosophy

How many more episodes before you move to the next era, hopefully renaissance philosophy???

In reply to by Moha

Peter Adamson on 20 December 2017


Medieval is almost done, it will finish with episode 300. Then I will actually cover Byzantine philosophy for about 15 episodes, and then indeed on to the Renaissance.

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Moha on 31 December 2017


That's almost another year. Apparently, it will take ages before you get to Decartes. I just hope to live long enough to see it through to Slavoj Zezek. Then I can die in peace. Thousands thanks for this amazing and mindblowing podcast. Happy New Year.

In reply to by Moha

Erik Holkers on 19 May 2024

hope to live long enough

Yes many new years to come and I am reading your comment 6.5 years later at the age of 63.
But finally I think I will catch up one day with where Peter currently is.
When he started years ago I couldn't keep up, but slowly I got my mind around it,  by now able to understand 2.5 podcasts per week.
"unfamiliar words and familiar words used in unfamiliar ways" Peter says in the episode.
That goes for Philosophy as well(e) I guess. You have to get acquainted with it first.
Liked this episode and I like the middle English, when it still had a flavour that I personally recognize as Dutch. 

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