Filling the Gaps - a Brief History of Nothing

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A recording of Peter's lecture delivered on Oct 25, 2011, at the Arts and Humanities festival on "The Power of Stories" at King's College London.



Further Reading

• R.J. Hankinson (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Galen (Cambridge: 2008).

• B. Morison, On Location: Aristotle’s Concept of Space (Oxford: 2002).

• R. Sorabji, Matter, Space and Motion (London: 1988).


Peter Lambert on 28 May 2024

The subject of void in the past

Mr Adamson,

I believe your caim that 'void', acting in the present is a recent phenomenon. 

The Chinese Tao includes a pphilosophy that iincludes 'nothingness' as a function operating here and now.

In reply to by Peter Lambert

Peter Adamson on 28 May 2024

Void in Daoism

Sure, that's true - but nothingness in Daoism doesn't just mean empty spatial extension, does it? That seems like it would be a very reductive understanding of the concept.

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