Jonardon: What is Philosophy?

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In this new blog post HoPWaG co-author Jonardon Ganeri asks "What is Philosophy?"

mehmet on 18 March 2021

I really hope that David and…

I really hope that David and Jonardon extend the indian philosophy segment of HOPWAG up to 1800's.

Actually, I was thinking that all the interesting things in indian philosophy happened before 500AD and the rest was a dry spell.  But one of the last episodes of the podcast, namely episode 61, changed my perception.. Now I want to know more..

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Peter Adamson on 19 March 2021

More Indian philosophy

Yes, I definitely hope to do that at some point! Lots of other traditions to get around to covering too, though.

- "David" :)

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mehmet on 5 April 2021

Extreme absent-mindedness. :…

Extreme absent-mindedness. :-)

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