Programming notes: the end of the Renaissance

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As you may have noticed our summer break is over! Africana Philosophy already returned last week, with an episode on Anténor Firmin. Over the next few months Chike and I will be wrapping up our coverage of the 19th century, finishing with Booker T. Washington and the early writings of W.E.B. Du Bois - look out for episodes on Ida Wells, and developments in the Caribbean and in Brazil!

Tomorrow (Sept 12) will see the return (after summer break) of the series of podcasts on philosophy in the Italian Renaissance. The next few episodes are about scholasticism, Aristotelianism, and Averroism, especially at Padua. This will be followed by a series of episodes about the sciences, e.g. on mathematics and art, medicine, natural philosophy, magic and astrology - featuring such figures as Cardano, Campanella, Telesio, and Bruno.

I'll be wrapping up the Italian Renaissance in April 2021 or so, followed by a lengthy series (enough for a volume in the book series) looking at philosophy during the Protestant Reformation, and other developments around Europe outside Italy, in the 15-16th century. Hope you will all enjoy the episodes as much as I have enjoyed working on them!

Spencer on 20 September 2020

Peter, I just want to thank

Peter, I just want to thank you for all your efforts these last ten(?) years. Although I've always loved history, I knew zip about philosophy, let alone how philosophy fit into the narrative of intellectual history and "regular" history. From your efforts and those of other podcasters, I now know more than zip about philosophy and a fair amount about intellectual history. I look forward to many more years and episodes of the podcast, as well as your next podcast on "The History of Gaps Without any Philosophy."

Best regards,


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Peter Adamson on 21 September 2020

Thanks very much! Yes, I

Thanks very much! Yes, I started in October 2010 so we are just about to hit the ten year anniversary.

dukeofethereal on 7 December 2020

List of Renaissance episodes left ?

Peter, I hope you and your family/loved ones are doing well during these difficult  times.

Will you be covering Musical Theory or will that be not covered (due to lack of material) like you did with Renaissance Legal thought (Reformation legal through has more substance) for example ? 

I'm going through your tentative episode list…;


Episode 361 - Renaissance Maths and Art  -  06/12/2020

Episode 362 - Medicine - 20/12/2020

Episode 362 - Interview Guido Giglioni on Medicine ?  -  03/01/2021

Episode 363 - Cardano sole episode?  - 17/01/2021

Episode 364 - Giambattista della Porta sole episode? - 31/01/2021

Episode 365 - Science in the renaissance episode?  - 14/02/2021

Episode 366 - Astronomy and Astrology? - 28/02/2021

Episode 367 - Magic and Alchemy ?  - 14/03/2021

Episode 368 - Interview with Brian Copenhaver on Magic - 28/03/2021

Episode 369 - Giordano Bruno sole episode? - 11/04/2021

Episode 370 - Galileo sole episode? - 25/04/2021

Episode 371 - Interview with  Eileen Reeves on Galileo - 09/05/2021


Is this what the route of episodes will look like ? which of these episodes will you squeeze together like you did with Renaissance Logic /Universities /General Averrorism


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Peter Adamson on 7 December 2020

Remaining episodes

Thanks for asking, it is not too far off from that. Here is the current plan:

362 Renaissance Medicine [Dec 20]
363 Girolamo Cardano [Jan 3]
364 Interview: with Guido Giglioni (medicine) [Jan 17]
365 Telesio and Campanella on Nature [Jan 31]
366 Magic and astrology [Feb 14]
367 Interview: with Brian Copenhaver (magic) [Feb 28]
368 Giordano Bruno
369 Galileo and the Renaissance
370 Interview: with Ingrid Rowland (Rome and the Renaissance)

And then it's Philosophy in the Reformation; I will put up a prospective episode list for that early in the new year I think.

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