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Peter answers listener questions on the nature of philosophy and the podcast series.



Further Reading

Follow this link to see the book versions based on the podcast.


Michael DeBlasio on 30 May 2022

Thank you

I just wanted to thank you for doing the podcast. It really is the best source of info on the history of philosophy that you can find on the internet. You go so much further then most history of philosophies. I thought I wouldn't like the Arabic section. But I listened and loved it. just as interesting as western philosophy if not more. I learned so much. Please keep it up and do the whole history. No matter how long it takes. We need it. Thanks again peter. Your the man!

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Peter Adamson on 31 May 2022


Thanks so much! I'm especially glad to hear that some parts of the series have challenged your expectations and changed how you see the history of philosophy.

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