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You can now see the results of the 100th episode quiz, and all the answers, here.

Luisa Costa Gomes on 20 November 2012

Private message: Well, Peter,

Private message:
Well, Peter, first of all, the warmest congratulations on your Podcasts! They have been a real treat for me, to be able to reconnect with my long lost love-hate relationship with Philosophy. I majored in Philosophy in Lisbon over thirty years ago, and went on to become a fiction writer. I am writing now a weird no man land´s thing about paradoxes, a kind of XIX th century novel (Proust plus Comtesse de Ségur...?)...so, Philosophy, or its fringes, is back somewhow. I wish you all the luck in Germany (I was in Essen myself, one of the worst places on Earth) and I wish you most specially luck with the Germans. I hope you have a good and productive stay.

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