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And here is an earlier blog post with links to non-philosophical history podcasts I enjoy.



The clips for ancient philosophy were taken with permission from Stefan Hagel's website.

For Islamic philosophy, the clip for the Formative Period episodes is by Ensemble Maraghi, whose website is here. It is the beginning of the first track off their album "Anwar." For Andalusia I used The clip used for the opening and closing is Lili Labbasi, "Mazal Haye Mazal." You can hear the whole thing here. And the Eastern Traditions clip is from the album Spendors of Topkapi by the Bezmara Ensemble.

For the episodes on early medieval philosophy I used a piece composed by Hildegard of Bingen. You can listen to the whole thing here.



James Warren's blog on ancient philosophy

Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy

David Papineau's blog on philosophy and sport