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Happy New Year everyone! I was just looking back and saw that exactly one year ago the episode on Stoic Epistemology went up. Quite a lot has been covered since then! The Roman Stoics, Hellenistic medicine, and almost all of late antiquity with only Augustine and Boethius (plus one episode on Latin Platonism) to go. Of these topics my favorite stuff is of course Neoplatonism but I have been converted (so to speak) to the cause of late ancient Christian thought, which I am convinced needs to be integrated more fully into our picture of ancient philosophy. With any luck these podcasts will be a nudge in that direction. Speaking of which, I'm very excited about the upcoming Augustine episodes, there will be six culminating in an interview with Charles Brittain about De Trinitate. Even more exciting will be getting to philosophy in the Islamic world, starting in about episode 119 or so. That will also be a bit of relief since those episodes should be easier for me to write than the ones on antique Christianity, because I'm more familiar with the material. I reckon that 2013 should be enough to cover all of Islamic and Jewish medieval philosophy and quite a bit of the Latin European tradition. Hence we might be hitting Byzantine philosophy, Renaissance philosophy and early modernity in 2014.

As always thanks for listening, and best wishes for a philosophical 2013!

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