43. Kill or Be Killed: David Walker’s Appeal

Posted on 5 January 2020

David Walker defends violent resistance in his incendiary and influential Appeal.

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dukeofethereal 5 January 2020

Just to here to post that I have been enjoying these series of episodes of 18th/early 19th century Africana Philosophy so far, I would like to thank you and Chike Jeffers for making them  as detailed as possible. I would like for them to be released in two books (Pre-Colonial and Diaspora in 1 book and 20th as another) when they are released :P 


Professor could you also list the upcoming interviews on this section of Africana philosophy on this page please




P.S interesting new theme regarding 'War and Violence', I would also add the following past episodes regarding this theme such as 



Episode 47 (Aristotle),

Episode 67, (Aurelius)

Episode 90, (Plotinus on Evil),

Episode 97, (Pagan Philosophers),

 113 (City of God),

130 (Al Farabi concept of Prophet), 

147 (Islamic Law),

154 (Ibn Khaldun history on regimes),

176 (Al Tusi),

181 (Ibn Taymiyyah Fatwa on Ilkhanid Mongols) ,

218 (Salisbury’s Policraticus),

246 (Rule of Law),

269 (Giles of Rome) ,

307 (Psellos)

310 (Byzantine Political theory),

316 (Byzantine war theories) ,

321 (Byzantine and Islam wars)


India: Episode 11 (Asoka),  13 (Mahabharata) , 14 ( Bhagavad, The Ritual of Battle) and 15 (Non-Violence) 


Africa: Episode 9 (Zera), 13 (Sokoto), 34 (Haynes), 37 (Haitain Revolution), 38 (Baron), 39 (Interview on Haitain revolution)


P.s  past episodes with no themes attached

Episode 16 (Plato's socrates),

episode 18 (Life and Works of Plato),

34 (Aristotle's life and works),

54 (Cyreniacs) ,

87 (Life and works on Plotinues),

Episode 98 ( John Philoponus, missing Eternity of the World theme), 

 101 (intro to Christian philosophy),

112 (Augustine on Freedom)

120 (Philosophy in the Islamic World intro, missing  'Religion and reason' theme and Translation/Textual transmission theme since works are in Arabic)

146 ( Andalusia intro, missing  'Religion and reason' theme, Translation/textual transmission theme)

171 (Eastern traditions introductions, missing  'Religion and reason' theme, translation/textual transmission theme since works are in Farsi/Turksih)

185( Safavids, = Time/Eternity theme, ' 'Religion and reason' theme)

196 (Introduction to early Medieval philosophy, missing  'Religion and reason' theme and translation/textual transmission theme)

Episode 1 of Indian Philosophy -  'Religion and reason' theme and Translation theme 

Episode 1 of Africana

Thanks and happy new year to the both of you !

Wow, thanks! You are paying better attention to the series than I am, even. I was trying to remember which old episodes are relevant for violence and war and didn't come up with nearly that many, I will definitely add at least some of those (have to revisit the scripts to see which ones are most relevant!)

Actually the plan for the Africana book publication is exactly what you say: one volume for episodes up to 1900, a second volume for the 20th century. So actually we are approaching the end of the material for the first volume which means it could come out in 2021 if all goes well.

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