430. I’ll Teach You Differences: British Scholasticism

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The evolution of Aristotelian philosophy from John Mair in the late 15th century to John Case in the late 16th century.



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nevillepark on 15 October 2023

I have to say, whenever you…

I have to say, whenever you return to (the style of) the Middle Ages, it's like sinking into a warm bath. Ahhhhh. 

Luke on 23 October 2023

Heartfelt Gratitude

Felt it necessary to say that: over the years, since you first told us about Thales, you've been instrumental in stimulating and helping me to accomplish my dream of writing. It's taken an army but your voice has been a fixture in that, especially when it comes to this program as a whole helping me to understand holism; and the people, and their questions, behind these messy jungles of isms we all army crawl through in the forest of knowledge.


This is an indispensable service you give. I am most definitely not alone among the folks who have spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours enjoying and benefiting from the information shared here, with no small amount of talent and humor. Given that, I sincerely hope you hear these kinds of remarks often enough as you do deserve them.


Thanks very much, Mr. Adamson.

In reply to by Luke

Peter Adamson on 23 October 2023


Wow thanks! That is really nice to hear. I'm glad that the series has been interesting and even inspiring for you, that is exactly why I wanted to do it! 

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Luke on 24 October 2023

By the way...

When I first enjoyed your content I was seventeen. Now I'm thirty. How do you even have a single hair left?


Frankly Peter I can hardly overstate the positive influence you've had, and am appreciative.

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