241. The Shadow Knows: Albert the Great's Metaphysics

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Albert the Great’s theory of being and his attempt to explain what changes in the human mind when we come to see God in the afterlife.



Further Reading

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Thanks to Katja Krause for her advice on this episode!


Daniel on 30 November 2015

I just wanted to congratulate

I just wanted to congratulate you on coming up with your worst pun yet. "As unimpeachable as a man with a deadly fruit allergy" is beautifully, shatteringly bad - quite possibly the worst pun I have heard in my life - and I want to wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours in this regard! I am very excited to see what you will come up with, but I should perhaps also mention that even without record-winning groan-inducers, like the above one, listening to your podcast will keep me quite pleasantly entertained until you find a way to top yourself again!
Best of Luck!^_^

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Peter Adamson on 1 December 2015

Peachy keen

Thanks! I think. To be honest I thought about that one and almost didn't use it - it struck me as funny when I first wrote it but even I realized it was a bit of a reach. I'll have to consult my (rather feeble) inner editor when I decide whether to keep it for the book version.

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