294. Isabel Davis on Sexuality and Marriage in Chaucer

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Peter is joined by Isabel Davis to discuss marriage, sex and chastity in Chaucer, focusing on the Wife of Bath's speech.



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Thomas Mirus on 4 February 2018

Nice job. I had already read

Nice job. I had already read the Wife of Bath's Tale (for the Tolkien Professor's Faerie and Fantasy course: http://tolkienprofessor.com/lectures/courses/faerie-and-fantasy/) but your discussion of the nuances and ironies in Chaucer's portrayal inspired me to go ahead and pick up my copy of the Canterbury Tales and start reading it from front to back. (I'm still in the introduction where they give an in-depth guide to pronunciation, but I hope I'll get to the actual text eventually...)

In reply to by Thomas Mirus

Isabel on 13 August 2019

Thank you

Thanks Thomas! I really enjoyed making this podcast with Peter Adamson. I'm glad it sent you back to read Chaucer. 

David Johnsons on 22 July 2021

About Wife of Bath

The character of Wife of Bath is variant is various aspects. Chaucer had full control on his writings. Its just a masterpiece in English Literature.

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