17. Jessica Frazier on Hinduism and Philosophy

Posted on 1 May 2016

An interview with Jessica Frazier about philosophical ideas and arguments in the Vedas, Upanisads and later Hindu texts.


Further Reading

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Nakul Nitin Gote 4 December 2018

Firstly, I thank you for the enlightening discussion. One can only prostrate to Dr. Frazier's knowledge and understanding.

I have been wondering for a while if the speculation (or implication) of the existence of domains beyond space and time through which Brahman and Atman spans and which we can't comprehended, given our limitation to space and time, is reflected in modern Physics and the talk of the existence of dimensions beyond the four we know. Has there been any cross-disciplinary effort to discuss the implications of these two views on each other and, indeed, on reality as we know it?

hydr 27 April 2023

This strikes me, so far, as one of the very best discussions I have heard in the entire series. I hope you can concoct some excuse to interview her again on any, any obscure subject of her choosing. 

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