55. Doors of Perception: Dignāga on Consciousness

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Dignāga argues that all perception is accompanied by self-awareness.



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Noctua on 19 December 2017

Music of the Spheres

I really enjoy your references to music within the podcasts. Do you play an instrument and/or have a passion for music history?

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Peter Adamson on 19 December 2017


I used to play piano back in my teenaged days though I was never very good. I suppose my interest in music (at an intellectual level) is more via my interest in the history of philosophy since the two disciplines were so closely intertwined (as we learned e.g. in episode 133). But I also love certain genres of music like soul and funk music, hence the occasional references to that.

In reply to by Peter Adamson

Noctua on 19 December 2017

Musica Universalis

Thank you for that wonderful episode (#133) on music and philosophy. I hadn't heard it before, but went back and listened after you mentioned it. So very helpful and illuminating - and now "I Feel Good"!

In reply to by Noctua

Peter Adamson on 20 December 2017

James Brown

... I knew that you would now.

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