99 - Richard Sorabji on the Commentators

Posted on 21 October 2012

Sir Richard Sorabji, founder of the Ancient Commentators Project, joins Peter to discuss the history of ancient commentary on Aristotle.


Further Reading

• R. Sorabji, The Philosophy of the Commentators, 200-600 AD: a Sourcebook in Three Volumes (London: Duckworth, 2004).

• R. Sorabji (ed.), Aristotle Re-Interpreted: New Findings on Seven Hundred Years of the Ancient Commentators (London: 2016).

The Commentators Project

Prof Sorabji's website with a list of his publications


Jeremy Pierce 22 April 2014

I'm curious if you happen to know where in Alexander's work he discusses the personal identity issue discussed in this podcast (where he criticizes the Stoic view of eternal recurrence, saying that each iteration would be a different set of people). I'd be interested in getting a look at that and possibly using it in my classes. This is a major theme of some of my classes, but I'm not aware of very many ancient sources on the topic. Also, where in the Physics is Aristotle's discussion of separate walkings that Alexander takes this from?

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