76. Michael Dawson on Garvey and Black Nationalism

Posted on 16 May 2021

An interview with Michael Dawson, who explains Marcus Garvey's black nationalism and how this and other political ideologies, like socialism and liberalism, have fared from the time of Garvey down to the present day.


Further Reading

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Emilee 18 May 2021

I have been binging my way through these episodes and I'm sad to have finally caught up. When I started it, I initially thought it was optimal timing for this topic, but sadly it feels like it's always a good time to address the legacy of slavery (among other things). You mentioned at one point that you'd be stopping around the mid 90s, but I'm hoping you keep going at least far enough to explain to everyone what critical race theory actually is. Thanks for the high quality content across all the HoP podcasts. 

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