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Peter celebrates reaching 400 episodes together with the hosts of three great philosophy podcasts: Elucidations, Hi-Phi Nation, and the Unmute Podcast (Matt Teichman, Barry Lam, and Myisha Cherry).



Further Reading

• P. Adamson, “Philosophy Podcasting,” in L. McIntyre, N. McHugh, and I. Olasov (eds), A Companion to Public Philosophy (Oxford: 2022), 259-65. [A piece based largely on the discussion in this episode!]

Links to the three podcasts:

Elucidations, with Matt Teichman

Hi-Phi Nation, with Barry Lam

The Unmute Podcast, with Myisha Cherry


yuh on 3 July 2022


Now for next 400 👍

Tony Kinder on 3 July 2022


Deepest gratitude for all your work opening up new vistas of learning!  A great achievement.  Many thanks.  Tony

Karl Young on 4 July 2022

Piling on the gratitude

What a great show (and I haven’t even heard it yet ! :-) - but I can reduce it to a problem that has already been solved, i.e. how great the individual podcasts are). Deepest gratitude to 4 heros who have brought we hoi polloi not only closer to an understanding of the concerns of current and historical philosophers, but helped to make those concerns relevant to one of philosophy’s early but currently sometimes obscured goals, the framing of a life.

Myisha, I also found the New Books Network interview re. your book on anger highly elucidating (sorry Matt couldn’t think of a better word…).

Michael on 4 July 2022

Congrats and thank you!

Being written in stone does not mean it is immutable when it comes to philosophy. There will always be new ways of looking at things especially when you have the guidance and the tools provided by the wonderful folks that make these podcasts possible. I am a caretaker on a large property which great internet coverage, a job which requires more time than thought leaving me the ability to consume and ruminate from the finest minds that have ever been. Thanks so much for letting me tune in.


Andrew Maclaren on 4 July 2022


Cheers, Peter! Good job on episode 400!

Here is to 400 more!

Daniel on 5 July 2022

Thank you!

Thank you Peter for all the amazing hours of knowledge and entertainment. I learned so much listening to your podcast and I cannot wait to see where it will take us next. 

Nedim on 5 July 2022


Thanks Peter, your work ethic is legendary! I need to know the secret! 

Daniel on 8 July 2022


Great job on the podcast best of luck for the future can't wait for new episodes

Kirk on 25 July 2022


I have been following this podcast almost since the beginning. Thanks for providing me with hours of free, engaging, and educational content!

My only note about this episode is that it should have been 400 minutes long.

Mirza Beglerov… on 27 September 2022



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