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As you have all probably guessed the writing and recording of podcasts happens well in advance of when they appear - I try to stay about 5 episodes ahead in both the European and non-Western strands, though at the moment I'm slightly behind on both. Tonight I recorded an episode about Jean Gerson (ep. 295) and about Indian influence on ancient Greek philosophy (ep.59) and on Islam and Europe, especially Hume and Schopenhauer though Mill and Hegel also get mentioned (ep.60). That means only one more script to write and record for India! Then it is on to Africana philosophy, though Chike Jeffers and I have been at work on those already actually and have about four already written plus one interview done, on ancient Egypt.

pietro on 5 January 2018

You work too much my friend

You work too much my friend

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Peter Adamson on 5 January 2018

Well, I think of the podcast

Well, I think of the podcast as more of a hobby!

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