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Just came back from a weekend in Glasgow for the Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy. A very nice event, well attended and well organized by Richard King. Like the Southern Association a lot of time is given for discussion, which is great. I gave the first talk on al-Razi's theory of time and place; also on the first day was a talk by Dorothea Frede, who I'd never met before so that was exciting. She spoke about particularism in Aristotle's ethics. On the second day G.E.R. Lloyd gave a really interesting talk about the various contradictions in the conception of phusis (nature) in the Hippocratic corpus. For instance, they present phusis as normative (what the doctor is trying to restore or preserve) but also say that each human, including sick ones, have their idiosyncratic phusis. Also excellent that day was a talk by George Boys-Stones on the soul in Numenius. Unfortunately I missed a graduate talk on Sextus, had to leave to come back to London; but I did get to see a discussion of Gorgias On Not Being by Yumi Suzuki, a grad student from Durham. She was looking at this text as a response to Parmenides. All in all a wonderful event!

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