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Starting with episode 171 I will be reaching the third big mini-series on philosophy in the Islamic world: the Eastern Traditions. This wil take the story all the way up to the 20th c., after which I'll circle back to the start of Latin medieval thought in the Carolingian period. Below you can see my current plan for episode topics, which is subject to revision but it should be more or less right (a number of them are already written).

The Later Eastern Traditions (Introduction)

Abu al-Barakat al-Baghdadi

Fakhr al-Din al-Razi



Nasir al-Din al-Tusi

Debating Avicenna’s Metaphysics

al-Rumi and Philosophical Sufism

The Logical Tradition

Philosophy in the Mongol Age

Ibn Taymiyya

Philosophy at Shiraz

Philosophy in the Ottoman Empire

Philosophy in the Safavid Empire

Mulla Sadra

Philosophy in the Mughal Empire

Modern Thinkers (a very selective look at the 20th c.)

…and maybe an episode in here somewhere on women and Islam, though female philosophers in Islamic realms before the 20th c. seem to be extremely hard to find! If anyone has suggestions on this topic that would be most welcome.


Jack on 7 March 2014

Awesome! Thanks so much for

Awesome! Thanks so much for the great podcast, Professor Adamson!

Do you have any plans to cover philosophy outside of Europe and the Middle East? I've learned a whole lot about philosophers who I'd barely even heard of with you Islamic world podcasts, and it would be fascinating to hear about India or China.

Either way, thanks a million for your time and effort.

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Peter Adamson on 7 March 2014

Yes actually - I'll be making

Yes actually - I'll be making an announcement about plans to cover Indian philosophy later this spring once I have a better idea when it will happen. Not sure yet about whether I will ever tackle China.

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jp on 17 March 2014

great podcast. looking

great podcast. looking forward to the indian section, but the size of it may be what prevents your boat from getting to china [i hope you get there and reach mao, who must be included]

Raphael on 8 May 2014

About Women & Islam: All I

About Women & Islam: All I can think of for the specific category you want (pre-20th century Muslim women philosophers) are Nana Asma'u of the Sokoto Caliphate, and Rabia Basri. I don't know if you can make an entire episode on that topic, but there might be more of these philosophers to talk about.

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