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I am thrilled to say that I have received the 2020 Schelling Prize from the Bavarian Academy of Sciences for work on multiculturalism in a historical perspective. It is named after Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, who I will get to eventually in the podcast!

Karl Young on 3 December 2020


Hey Peter,

Congratulations; glad that the Bavarian Academy of Sciences acknowledged all the great work that went into your series (along with Jonardon and Chike!). I had a pretty liberal undergraduate education and we read Du Bois, Washington, Chestnut, Garvey,... but man, you don’t know what you don’t know until exposed; the Africana philosophy series is amazingly edifying (not to mention timely, though maybe I can’t completely credit you for that...). And I’m still hoping for an episode on the hotbed of ideas floating around mid 20th century Chicago (mainly so Sun Ra gets a mention !)

And I mistakenly thought I knew something about the origins of Buddhism, but when presented as part of the maelstrom of ideas floating around India at the time, that history (of ideas) really came to life.

And that’s not to mention the great western philosophy series (though which I assume alone, might not have garnered that prize).

Thanks, as always, for the great service to we philosophical hoi polloi.

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Peter Adamson on 3 December 2020

Sun Ra and friends

Thanks so much! Actually believe it or not we are already planning to cover Sun Ra when we get that far.

Nedim on 8 December 2020


Congratulations Peter, I am so glad for you!

I started listening to your podcast this year, and its wonderful. I am 170 episodes in and I already have an anxiety that I will catch up with you (which I would not like, can this go on forever!). Anyway, few days ago I came across a page on this website where you list your appearances on other podcasts/shows etc, but I cannot find it now. Could you please give me a link?

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