Timeline of Philosophers - Classical

Hesiod 7th cent. BC
Thales early 6th cent. BC
Anaximander 6th cent. BC
Anaximenes 6th cent. BC
Xenophanes 6th-5th cent. BC
Pythagoras 6th-5th cent. BC
Heraclitus 6th-5th cent. BC
Parmenides born ca. 510 BC
Zeno of Elea born ca. 490 BC
Melissus of Samos fl. ca. 440 BC
Anaxagoras fl. mid-5th cent. BC
Leucippus 5th cent. BC
Empedocles late 5th cent. BC
Democritus born ca. 460 BC
Philolaus of Croton late 5th cent. BC
Diogenes of Apollonia late 5th cent. BC
Protagoras d. ca. 420
Archytas 5th-4th cent. BC
Socrates 469–399 BC
Hippocrates d. ca. 380 BC
Gorgias 483-375 BC
Antisthenes ca.446-366 BC
Aristippus ca. 435-356 BC
Xenophon ca. 430-c.350 BC
Plato 429-347 BC
Speusippus ca. 410-338 BC
Diogenes of Sinope ca. 404-323 BC
Aristotle 384-322 BC
Xenocrates 395–313 BC
Theophrastus 372–288 BC

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Dates are AD unless otherwise specified.



cent. = century

d. = died

fl. = flourished

ca.= circa ("approximately")