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So how much do we love Augustine? I at least have really been enjoying working on the current episodes, so much so that I am adding one I hadn't originally planned on -- a scripted piece on memory and mind in Augustine, which will then be supplemented by an interview (Charles Brittain) on De Trinitate. The interview is great but there was a lot I wanted to say that I didn't get in elsewhere: Augustines' "cogito" style refutation of skepticism, for instance. Plus I think one of the things that is most distinctive about Augustine is his incredible attentiveness to his own mental life: his emotions, weaknesses, the functioning of memory, and so on. So this episode will give me a chance to get into this plus to set up the De Trinitate interview a bit. He's certainly important enough to deserve the extra attention, even if I am impatient to get on to the Islamic world...

Ken on 24 January 2013

I've not been let down so fa

I've not been let down so fa Peter, thank you.

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