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Just to let you know that I have sent the final manuscript into Oxford University Press for "A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps: Volume 1, Classical Philosophy." This is a revised version of the scripts up to episode 51, the students of Plato and Aristotle. I have added new chapters on Plato's Sophist and women in ancient philosophy. (Interviews are not included by the way.) If all goes well it should be out early summer 2014.

a on 22 August 2013

well, this addresses the

this addresses the quandary of
“ how does one place something intangible,
such as a podcast is,
onto a bookshelf in their library of curated and cherished works ”
quite well, indeed.

Chris on 11 September 2013

Ah, those would have been

Ah, those would have been nice! (And will be, in the book.) Especially the women in ancient philosophy episode. Perhaps when the book comes out, they can be recorded (as episodes 24.5 and 50.5, or whatever) as bonus treats?

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Peter Adamson on 11 September 2013

I considered that actually,

I considered that actually, but I'm reluctant to break the chronological flow; plus I also wanted the book to offer something extra that isn't freely available online (I would like people to buy it after all!).

Rashaad Gray on 9 January 2019

I really need this for class

I really need this for class

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