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Coming up in the next few weeks will be a turning point and a milestone. Already next episode, which will be number 196, we have the turning point as I move on (or chronologically, back) to medieval philosophy in Latin Christendom. I'll say this in the episode itself, but Byzantine medieval is going to be left for after that; and then we'll move on to the Renaissance. (And classical Indian philosophy will come in sometime in 2016, at which point this medieval stuff will be released in alternating weeks with Indian.)

The milestone is the 200th episode! As always there will be a special double interview (the guest list and topic are of course top secret), and also you might want to catch up on your listening so you're ready for the 200th episode quiz! It will be based on episodes 150-199.

Arthur V. Freeman on 4 November 2014

Great to know about the new

Great to know about the new podcast. I hope there will be important portions like Renaissance and philosophy will be touched.

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