119. The Space Race: Afrofuturism

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Sun Ra and Parliament-Funkadelic return to claim the pyramids, and Octavia Butler uses science fiction to confront the brutal past of slavery.

Thanks to Stephan Terre for the creation of the futuristic intro music!



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Karl Young on 6 March 2023


Wow, Peter, this episode and it’s detailed exploration of Sun Ra’s mythology exceeded all my expectations ! (I suppose I should have expected nothing less :-)). And I’d read Butler’s Parables (of the Sowers and Talents) given that they’d been pitched to me as canonical. But, ironically, a couple of weeks ago a friend that owns a science fiction bookstore said, oh no, you need to read Kindred, it’s her masterpiece, so I plunked down and bought it. I can’t imagine a better set up for getting to it than your and Chike’s description. As always profuse thanks for the podcast (all branches).

Josh on 6 March 2023

Space is the place

Missed a real opportunity here for some good song tilte usage! Space is the Place, The Clones of Dr Funkenstein, etc etc...

In reply to by Josh

Peter Adamson on 6 March 2023


You mean for the title of the episode itself? I was really pleased with that actually, I like the pun! (Of course I do.) We don't usually take titles of actual works discussed in the episode as titles for the podcasts, seems too obvious.

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