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Here is the tentative list of episodes that Jonardon and I have planned to wrap up our look at ancient Indian thought. This focuses on Jain and, especially, Buddhist thought - up to Dignaga. We may or may not return to do a further series on later Indian philosophy; both of us would like to but obviously it is a big time commitment for Jonardon and it competes with other things I want to tackle in the podcast, like China and getting on with European history of philosophy. So just in case, we are finishing with an episode that will sprint through the later tradition to give just a sense of what would be to come.

Comments welcome of course! (Note: this list doesn't include interviews, but there will be five of these as well, we think.)

The Buddhists and Jains: introduction

Nāgārjuna on Emptiness

Nāgārjuna on Change

Nāgārjuna’s Tetralemma

Umāsvāti’s Theory of Standpoints

Jain Non-onesidedeness

Vasubandhu and Yogacara Buddhism

Dignāga’s Epistemology

Buddhist Logic

Buddhaghosa on mind

Dignāga on Mind


Influence between Indian and European thought

Indian Philosophy After Dignāga

mehmet on 13 May 2017

I guess It would be nice no

I guess It would be nice no have an episode on Mahayana vs. Theravada and the differences between them..  As Nagarjuna is a Mahayana philosopher, I think one needs to have at least some understanding of Mahayana befone embarking on understanding Nagarjuna..

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Peter Adamson on 14 May 2017

Thanks, we actually do try to

Thanks, we actually do try to explain that in the first, introductory episode (which is basically a historical survey of developments in Buddhism and a bit on Jainism).

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dukeofethereal on 10 August 2017

Have you ever thought of

Have you ever thought of covering Tibetan Philosophy sometime in the near future? They have a rich Buddhist philosophical tradition with various school of thoughts + commentaries + Bon. It would be a nice spin off version that will have enough content for a volume solely on Tibetan thought, perhaps you can start this once you have finished Chinese, Korean and Japanese  spin offs? Though you will need to find suitable co hosts to help you cover these 4 Asian philosophical traditions. 

I'm aware that you were also considering covering Latin American Philosophy a while back ? 


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Peter Adamson on 11 August 2017

Right, it's never ending, isn

Right, it's never ending, isn't it? I have wondered whether the other East Asian traditions can be an extension of China - if I stick with the overall plan of doing "non-Western" in parallel to "Western" that would make sense. I wonder whether Latin American thought, by contrast, would be part of the "Western" series - just like covering, say, American pragmatism would be. All this is pretty far in the future though!

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