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To help with a child's homework assignment I've been asked to provide a 2 sentence definition of "philosophy". Help gratefully accepted.

Justin Vlasits on 25 November 2012

Philosophia ars vitae

Philosophia ars vitae est!

For a more contemporary perspective, you might want to look at the captions to Steve Pyke's photos of philosophers.

Selah T. on 25 November 2012

When we honestly challenge

When we honestly challenge our beliefs and respond to challenges to our beliefs we are practising philosophy. The beliefs you "end" with are your philosophy.

(Honestly is my unsatisfactory substitute for rationally which I wanted to avoid.

Is there such a thing as philosophical knowledge or is knowledge knowledge? A belief can be irrational, but surely there is no such thing as irrational knowledge. I raise this because it seems to me that one cannot acquire knowledge from philosophy, though I wonder what Socrates and Descartes would say to that.)

David Matta on 15 December 2012

It is asking "What is this?",

It is asking "What is this?", "Why is this?", "How is this" and "Who is this?" and "This" can be anything including you.

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David Matta on 15 December 2012

You also need to provide the

You also need to provide the answers yourself while you are encouraged to ask and discuss with others.

Charles on 24 June 2013

The art of constructing a

The art of constructing a rational argument around one's pre-existing beliefs and intuitions...

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