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Thanks to everyone who commented in response to my request for feedback. This has been very useful. I'm glad to see that the consensus seems to be, roughly, "if it ain't broke don't fix it." A few comments on specific points:

1. Several people encouraged me simply not to stop. Don't worry, I plan to keep going for the foreseeable future, I am enjoying it as much as ever and in fact probably more than I did at the start, now that there is a bigger audience to interact with. I really enjoy responding to people who comment on the website and facebook etc., so please don't be shy.

2. There seem to be somewhat mixed feelings about interview episodes but largely positive reaction, so I will keep those at roughly the same rate of frequency; there's a bit of a rush of interviews coming soon because I know so many Neoplatonist scholars I wanted to get onto the show. But in general I will try to keep to a ratio of about 1 interview per 4 or 5 scripted shows.

3. Views also differ about the musical intro and outro; I think I'll stick with the current one until I finish antiquity, but it will change when I get to philosophy in the Islamic world. Working on finding a new clip for that now.

4. Just to alert you if you haven't noticed that there is a lot of recommended reading here on the website. Don't forget to go to the top pages for each category (e.g. by clicking "Aristotle" on the header) as well as each episode page.

5. Of course I agree with those who said they think it is important to look at sometimes overlooked figures (hence "without any gaps"). Soon I'm including a whole series of episodes on Christian philosophy in late antiquity which is often left out of the history of philosophy entirely, and of course the medieval period will keep getting the same level of detail. Sorry that this means I'm going rather slowly if you are looking forward to, say, Hume or Heidegger! I don't really have any idea of how long it will take me to get to Modern philosophy but I'm guessing I can get through Islamic and Jewish thought by mid 2013 and then will be doing Latin medieval, Byzantine and Renaissance philosophy up through 2014. So perhaps late 2014 or 2015 to get to early Modern. But I'm just guessing here.

6. Finally, one listener requested more giraffes. I'll do my best.


Mark Konzerowsky on 14 September 2012

I'm actually not in a hurry

I'm actually not in a hurry to get to the "modern time". I enjoy learning and reflecting on ancient and medieval philosophy, and the more I learn, the better. This is partly because I'm a huge Late Classical and Byzantine buff. But I also enjoy your leisurely, unhurried pace. There's plenty of podcasts on all of the latest philosophical developments and quandaries. I'd like for you to keep catching us up on all of the fascinating and often overlooked developments that enabled us to get to this point.

Courtland on 15 September 2012

It is very exciting to hear

It is very exciting to hear you will be doing so many more podcasts. For whatever reason, I thought you were only commissioned to do 100.. I support any direction you take the show, and am looking forward to the new Islamic opening/ending.

Peter Adamson on 15 September 2012

Thanks for these follow-up

Thanks for these follow-up comments! In response to both, yes I can confirm I plan to keep on going for the foreseeable future. Glad you are enjoying late antiquity and looking forward to Islamic philosophy.

Tristan on 4 October 2012

I'd like just to reiterate

I'd like just to reiterate what has already been said - these podcasts are a wonderful resource. I think the length of each podcast is right, the pace is right, the level of detail is right. The interviews also work very well in my view. I'd also agree with the point above that there is absolutely no hurry to get to the modern period. Many thanks!

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