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I just wrote up the 20 questions for the next quiz, which will start the week that episode 150 airs. As last time the winner will get a free copy of the first book based on the podcasts! I'll announce here, on Twitter and Facebook when the quiz is live.

Yannick Kilberger on 1 November 2013

Before we all get excited,

Before we all get excited, just how much giraffe related stuff had to be edited out?

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Peter Adamson on 1 November 2013

Not to worry, all the

Not to worry, all the lighthearted (or frivolous, depending on your point of view) stuff stays in, including the relentless giraffe and Buster Keaton references. I guess the only jokey bits that have been lost are the punning transitions at the end of each script, since I don't really need to persuade the reader to tune in next time, they only have to turn the page!

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