Posted on 28 April 2014

I received my advance copy of the first book based on the podcast, covering "Classical Philosophy." It is a revised version of the scripts for episodes 1-51 (without interviews but with two added chapters, on Plato's Sophist and women in ancient philosophy). You can order it here.

Yannick Kilberger 2 May 2014


Still only on pre-order on amazon.fr :(

When is volume 2? When is Hopwag the movie? Will we ever move out of the Islamic World section? (it's been more than 50 episodes for Allah's sake!)


I have no movie plans - have been put off by the thought that Buster Keaton would have to play himself, but is unfortunately no longer alive.

But seriously! The book is actually officially out in June. If you order it from the press (link above) then it will ship as soon as it's ready.Vol.2 (Later Ancient Philosophy) has already been sent to be refereed, if all goes well it will be out sometime next year!

And as far as the Islamic stuff goes it will last until somewhere between episodes 190 and 195, I think. Still lots to get through! But I think it is worth doing in such detail - especially the later stuff is so often overlooked, even in overviews of the subject.

Steven Feurer 14 May 2014


My pre-ordered copy of the book arrived today (Germany). Great work, starting to read now! Thanks for this marvellous series and the possibility to get the scripts in print, absolutely stunning effort. As I understand the next volume will cover Hellenistic philosophy and the church fathers in Late Antiquity?

Peter Adamson 16 May 2014


Ausgezeichnet! You're the first person I've heard from who actually has received a copy. Nice to know that they are sending thme out now.

And yes, the second volume will be based on the episodes up to 118, so all of Hellenistic and Late Antiquity. I hope it will appear one year from now.

Yannick Kilberger 6 June 2014


Got my copy today, together with a book on Islam (so much for my rant over Peter's extended Islamic world coverage, I must be a masochist) so Amazon.fr is sending too.

Yannick Kilberger 12 June 2014


The whole thing is a big letdown : it is not waterproof at all and the terrible puns have not been edited out. Thus the unsupecting reader gets out in the sun, opens a can of soda (a june release, of course!), is caught off guard by the first pun that comes his way, a terrible mess results and it all ends by the ordering of a new copy. What an artificial way to raise your sales, Peter...

Steve Smethurst 16 June 2014


Looked on Amazon & looked on OUP linked from the site. Peter, do you get a better cut if I buy it from OUP?


Nice of you to worry about that - I don't know, really. But on principle I guess I would say better to order from OUP if you don't mind either way because Amazon will surely take a cut from somebody or other. By the way the link here on the website is to the UK page of OUP.

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