Interesting (critical) reflection on my rules thus far

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Eric Schliesser has just posted this interesting reflection on my recent blog posts regarding methodology. More discussion welcome! Once I've digested it I will add some thoughts below.

Allen Shotwell on 1 October 2014

I think Eric's comments help

I think Eric's comments help to get at the distinctions between what historians of philosophy do and what other historians (like those of medicine/science like myself) do that pop up fairly regularly from HOP people of my acquaintance. I especially like the symmetry principle analogy. Of course it is true that in all types of history anachronistic approaches sometimes provide something useful, but it perhaps more true (or the most true) in the history of philosophy. The historian of science/medicine for example may seek to understand the thoughts of the subject under study in their own context in part because they would be leery of assigning them value in a modern context, but this is less so for philosophers (I think).

Peter Adamson on 1 October 2014

Just to say that several

Just to say that several people have commented on Eric's original blog so probably better for further comment to be added there.

sdaf on 3 October 2014

what's your response to his

what's your response to his point about malbranche being a possible missing conceptual link (i think a BBC4 IOT discusses this link too)

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Peter Adamson on 3 October 2014

Well, to be honest I don't

Well, to be honest I don't know; beyond the fact that Averroes "Incoherence of the Incoherence" (and hence the original "Incoherence," as part of it) were translated into Latin, I don't know much about the European reception of the work. You can certainly see why Malebranche would have been interested in the section on miracles though!

chaibi abdellaziz on 8 October 2014

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