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Today I not only interviewed Richard Sorabji for a future episode on the commentators (number 99), but also was interviewed by Philosophy Bites host Nigel Warburton. (His fellow host Dave Edmonds couldn't make it.) The topic was Avicenna's "Flying Man" argument. Afterwards we recorded a conversation about philosophy podcasting, which we may put online here or elsewhere at some point, albeit that it is somewhat "meta". Would people be interested in hearing this?

Caleb on 2 July 2012

As an avid listener of both

As an avid listener of both podcasts, I would be extremely interested.

Ollie Killingback on 2 July 2012

Yes, most definitely.

Yes, most definitely.

Peter Adamson on 2 July 2012

Ok, thanks folks! I'll see

Ok, thanks folks! I'll see what I can do.


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