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The semester has only just started again here in Germany - I still find the rhythm rather odd, though not as odd as the way "rhythm" is spelled. (Got it right the first time on this occasion, I'm pleased to report. Or did I misspell it?) Am doing some rather exciting teaching including a course on Neoplatonism, seminars on Alexander of Aphrodisias "On Fate" and Aristotle, and a team-taught course on freedom, necessity and God. I am doing this together with Isabelle Mandrella of the Theology faculty here at the LMU. This should be a lot of fun; we are covering basically Avicenna, Aquinas, and Scotus with some forays into other figures as background. I am sure that I will learn a lot in doing it, which should stand me in good stead as I think about doing the podcast episodes on Latin medieval philosophy. I have discovered a slight drawback of teaching in Germany which is that obviously it is better to provide primary texts in German, and those are not nearly as abundant as in English - even major figures like Avicenna are not at all well covered by existing German translations.

Micha on 22 October 2013

Hi Peter thanks for making

Hi Peter thanks for making this great podcast. If you ever feel like visiting Dresden, send me an email.

Bobb on 17 November 2013

Hi Peter, What's it like

Hi Peter,

What's it like being a faculty member in Germany? Anything that stands out compared to Britain?

Peter Adamson on 17 November 2013

Well, it's very different in

Well, it's very different in lots of ways, some obvious (teaching in German for instance). The system is much more hierarchical with a big gap in terms of stature and resources between professors and everyone else, which I don't think is healthy. On the other hand university education is free, or all but free, in Germany which is fantastic and does create a rather different dynamic (students are treated as users of a public resource rather than as customers, as in the USA and UK) with pluses and minuses, bot more pluses in my opinion.

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