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My new institution, the LMU in Munich (I'm moving there this summer) just succeeded in a bid to get a large infusion of support from the German government. (Note that the German government is investing heavily in higher education.) Incidentally I hope to blog more in the next few months about my move to Germany and relative impressions of the UK and German academic scene. For this story and links on it see:


Lulu Respall-Turner on 27 June 2012

Hi Peter, Congratulations on

Hi Peter, Congratulations on your new posting. I am a new fan of the History of Philosophy podcasts. I have found the series so enlightening and engaging that I now feel an irresistible urge to study philosophy fully. So, thank you.

Peter Adamson on 27 June 2012

Thanks, I'm glad you are

Thanks, I'm glad you are interested in studying philosophy! That's the best result I could hope for with this whole project.

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