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I hate to use this blog to direct you to another blog (the internet might explode), here's a blog post I did for Cambridge University Press, on the recently appeared book I edited on Avicenna.

Gabriel on 1 September 2013

Hi,Peter,in your blog

Hi,Peter,in your blog post,you write"Avicenna is the most significant thinker between Plotinus and Aquinas",But what about Augustine? Most philosophers think Augustine is more important than Avicenna and Plotinus.

Peter Adamson on 10 September 2013

Ah, that's a good point. Yes,

Ah, that's a good point. Yes, perhaps I should emend that to "Augustine" rather than "Plotinus" -- especially having devoted more episodes to Augustine in this series than to Avicenna! But I guess really what I wanted to say is that he's the most significant medieval, or at least early medieval, thinker (insofar as we want to apply the word "medieval" to Islamic world figures).

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