Observations on Germany #9

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Was in the main train station of Munich last night at about 11 pm, and thousands of people were returning from the Oktoberfest. I haven't seen that many drunk people wearing leather since I watched "Conan the Barbarian" as a lad.

Yannick Kilberger on 29 September 2012

All this talk of bodybuilded

All this talk of bodybuilded germans running to and fro in their loinclothes is all very well. Yet between all this beer drinking, checking the state of the roads and counting of honey jars in supermarkets we do not hear much about this university thing you went there for.

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Peter Adamson on 29 September 2012

Fair enough! In my defense

Fair enough! In my defense classes don't start until mid-October, so I haven't really gotten into university life much beyond sitting in the LMU Philosophy library which is very pleasant! But things seem to be extremely well organized, so far I've been impressed. Also I have attended some meetings of fellow faculty working on a grant application and they are an amazing group of people, it's interesting to see "interdisciplinary" conversation, which is so often held up as a goal, actually working well.

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