Philosophy of Religion post at the LMU

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Are you a philosopher of religion, or do you know one? (Or are you skeptically minded and think that you MIGHT be a philosopher of religion?) If so I have the job for you, an opening in this area here at the LMU. Instructions on how to apply are here, the deadline is July 27, 2017.

Umar Sheikh Tahir on 6 September 2017

Prof. Thank you for this

Prof. Thank you for this worderful and unique job.
The quest for a religious philosopher at this time with this kind of world is not an easy thing at all! I am not discouraging the search by the way; rather , I am traying to be a bit more realistic due to the material world that we are living now.
I think it is easy for now to look for Theorist on Religious Philosophy. Me too, I will be looking for one, if you found two.

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