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On this new post I did for the blog of the American Philosophical Association, I offer some suggestions on how to integrate philosophical texts from the Islamic world into teaching thematic classes in philosophy, e.g. on epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, etc. Hope it will prove useful!

Eric Frith on 12 October 2018

Peter! I just came to your

Peter! I just came to your website because I'm teaching the "great books"ish course at Columbia U known as Contemporary Civilization, and I would really like to include more your philosophy from the Islamic world. We're already slated to read Al Ghazali and Ibn Tufayl, which is great. But I was disappointed by the absence of any Avicenna, especially the Necessary Existent arguments, which you brought to life for me. I think armed with this litany of suggestions, I will give us a whole extra day. Not sure what I'll choose, but Avicenna and Averroes are near the top of the list. Sadly I'll have to cut Machiavelli in half to accommodate; but I think it's a bargain. Thanks!

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Peter Adamson on 12 October 2018

Thanks, that's fantastic. It

Thanks, that's fantastic. It's good you are doing Ibn Tufayl, I find he is a good introduction for undergrads (if you read the preface they will probably want to read Avicenna anyway to see what all the fuss is about). Hope it goes well!

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