140. Cornel West on Himself

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Cornel West joins us to look back on the development of his thought and the many authors who have inspired him.




Neville Park on 31 January 2024

HOPWAG fun fact:

as far as I know, this is the first interview guest who, at the time of the interview, is running for President. 

Possibly not the last.

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Peter Adamson on 31 January 2024

Oval Office bound

Yes absolutely. When the host is running for President, then things will really get exciting.

Chessington on 3 May 2024

Cornel for President

Cornel gets my vote. Having been introduced to him on this podcast, I have noticed that he is vocal on the current catastrophe in Gaza. He sees the plight of the oppressed and dispossessed Palestinians in the light of the Black Freedom Movement. He supports the students currently protesting at Columbia, New York and elsewhere who are rightly outraged by their government funding and provisioning genocide, whereas many of the older generation, perhaps jaded and corrupted by life, are all out of outrage.  

Here is a Cornel quote from a recent interview:  

"We have to just be honest, and it is very difficult to be honest because it takes bravery and courage and most of our politicians are cowards, they are in a system of legalized bribery and normalized corruption, they are well adjusted to an unjust status quo. They don't want to tell the truth, they don't want to straighten their backs up and pursue Justice - and what does that mean? Well it means for me they are slapping Martin Luther King Jr in the face in the grave…

Black Faces in high imperial places [such as Kamala Harris] are there because of the struggles, the blood, sweat and tears of everyday black people and other folk who joined the Black Freedom Movement - now they get there and they become rationalizers and justifiers of genocide, of ethnic cleansing..."

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